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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Super Sandcastle Cat Lounger

Have a couple of cats and need a cool trendy place for them to hang around in, well check this piece of cat furniture out!

Super Sandcastle Cat Lounger

Perfect for a multi-cat household, your cats lives will be a real day at the beach with our huge Super Sandcastle Cat Lounger!

18" deep x 60" wide x 36" tall

Individual sandcastles have these measurements:

  • Little sandcastles are 15" deep x 16" wide x 15" tall and there is one on each side.
  • The big center sandcastle is 16" deep x 28" wide x 24" tall.

    There are two shelves inside the big castle going from front to back, and the posts including the seats are approx 22".

    Includes a free hanging kitty toy!

    Comes in 2 tone beige only.

  • Pussycat Playhouse Cat Gym

    Another really unique playhouse option for your cat.

    Pussycat Playhouse Cat Gym

    Jump! Climb! Scratch! Play! That’s what your kitties will do when they see their new Pussicat Playhouse Cat Gym!

    Features 7 levels to play or lounge on, three oversized 18 x 18" seats with bumbers at ascending heights, and a cozy enclosed condo for napping or hiding!

    A generous amount of sisal rope is included on 5 posts!

    There's a small 15 x 15" jump seat on the base that gives a little "boost" to those that might need it!

    Measures approximately24" x 24" x 72" and weighs 90-100 lbs.

    Assembly required. Complete instructions included.

    Litterbox Furniture Style F1

    So many different types of cat furniture for hiding away the litter box. This one has a top section!

    Litterbox Furniture Style F1

    Suited for large or multiple cats. Holds a large litter pan.
    Top section has partition down the center - One side holds bags of litter.
    Other side has a shelf for accessories and a compartment for storing bags for litter removal.

    36 Inch Red Cedar Cat Scratching Post and Nest

    36 Inch Red Cedar Cat Scratching Post and Nest

    This unique scratcher is custom made from eastern red cedar (also called aromatic red cedar) a few chicken and ostrich feathers. It is 100% natural, solid cedar, no particle board, plywood, carpet, adhesives, etc. It has not been sealed so it still releases a wonderful cedar scent.

    At 3 feet tall, this piece is just the right height for placing in front of a window or behind a couch where your kitty can curl up in the 14" diameter wicker basket nest. And if you kitty is in a playful mood she can attack feather critters hanging from the trunk that will sway in the slightest breeze. The 26 inch wide cross shaped base is very stable and easily positioned in tight quarters.

    The Incredible Cedar Teaser Cat Toy

    The Incredible Cedar Teaser Cat Toy

    The Incredible Cedar Teaser is an eastern red cedar cat and mouse pong toy. It is 12" long by 6" wide and 6" tall. It has been finished with 3 coats of clear satin polyurethane (same stuff used on wood floors). Cats really love this toy and 3 can play at once because there are 3 mouse holes!

    Here's how it works....

    The cat or cats can see the ball from the side and front holes. Once the ball begins bouncing around inside the box, they get excited and put their paws into the hole and try to capture the "mouse". We've seen cats roll on their back and put a paw into each hole, and run away get into an attack stance, and then pounce at the ball, knocking it all the way to the back of the box. The bottom of the box is sloped and cupped so that when the cat removes its paw the "mouse" always returns to the front to torment the cat.

    Each of the red cedar scratchier is handmade by a skilled craftsman, so the photograph is representative of the specific style. Your unit will not look exactly like the one shown, but will be close to its measurements and style. Each piece is a unique work of art!

    Wednesday, July 29, 2009

    KatKabin Outdoor Cat House - Racing Green

    Looking for a place outdoor for your cat to stay that is trendy? Well check out the KatKabin, the one featured here is colored green!

    KatKabin Outdoor Cat House - Racing Green

    The feline equivalent of a kennel, the KatKabin™ is an innovative and exciting new product that has already proved to be a big hit with cats. The KatKabin is a light, tubular outdoor shelter that will appeal to the most discerning cats - whether an independent tabby or an aristocratic pedigree. They can be placed in the garden, on the patio or balcony, ensuring that pets do not have to wander far from home to find comfort and security.

    This is important when so many cats are lost or stolen every week. When outside and unable to return to their homes, cats often sleep under cars or get inside sheds and empty buildings, sometimes getting trapped with no access to food or water.

    Guaranteed for five years, the KatKabin™ is finished with a special, non-chemical material that will not fade in sunlight. It will stand securely on any surface and is supplied with a front doorflap.

    The new range of funky finishes includes exiting metallic colours that change as they catch the light - available in mellow green/yellow autumn shades and sparkling blue/red. These new finishes expand the existing colour options of Cobalt Blue, Starlet Red, Racing Green and Chocolate Brown.

    Developed to withstand extremes of temperature and guaranteed for five years, the KatKabin™ is made from the strongest materials and is finished with a special, non-chemical material that will not fade in sunlight. In addition, the KatKabin™ has a special polystyrene floor that adds extra insulation, keeping the cat warm in the coldest weather.

    The KatKabin™ will stand securely on any type of ground. It comes with an optional clip-on front door.

    It has holes for air ventilation and the round shape assists the air to circulate inside. Warm air is not trapped at the top as in other shapes but circulates easily around.

    The KatKabin™ measures 26.4 x 19.2 inches high to the top of the ears. It weighs 13lbs and is supplied in a strong outer carton with handles for easy transportation.

    To wash, just slide off the two cat-shaped ends and remove the flooring. Rinse with hot water and a mild detergent such as washing-up liquid. Dry thoroughly and replace the ends, replacing the flooring.

    This lovely deep green KatKabin™ will look good in any yard, large or small, town or country.

    Optional Winter Warmer
    Can be inserted into all KatKabins. This is a washable interior body covering for cold Winter days and nights to keep your cat warm and very cosy.

    Optional Kat Duvet
    This special Kat Duvet is the perfect luxurious accessory for your KatKabin™. Especially designed for the purpose, it sits snugly inside the KatKabin™ making it even cosier for your pets.

    The cover can be quickly and easily removed. It can be machine-washed hot, so killing dust mites and other insects. When not in use inside your KatKabin™, it makes the perfect, soft bed for your pet indoors.

    In fact, your cat will love the Kat Duvet so much that you should buy two - one for the KatKabin™ and one for the house!

    Can two cats fit into the KatKabin?
    Yes the KatKabin is big enough fit two cats. However cats do like their own space and will only share the KatKabin if they already enjoy being cozy with others.

    I am worried that the colour will fade after a few months outside in the sun and rain. Will this happen?
    The KatKabin has a very special coloured covering that is totally safe for pets and environmentally friendly. We guarantee that the colour will stay like new for at least 5 years.

    How can I keep the KatKabin clean?
    This is very simple. Both ends can be easily and quickly removed for cleaning and just as easily put back together again. Detailed instructions are provided with the product.

    What makes you think that my cat would like to use the KatKabin?
    Cats in general like hiding away in enclosed spaces. They even dig themselves holes in the ground. The KatKabin is an enclosed space with only one opening on the front, very much like a hole in the ground. That makes your cat feel very secure. Cats are also naturally very inquisitive and clever. They soon discover that a KatKabin is a great place to have a snooze, being a safe haven from which they can watch the world go by.

    I want to put the KatKabin in front of my house but I am worried that it could be stolen. Is there anything I can do to stop this?
    Yes. The KatKabin has holes inside the feet with which you can screw it to the floor. Also, if you are worried that it may move during strong winds if standing on soft ground, use tent pegs to attach it for extra strength.

    I have noticed that it stands off the floor. Is there a reason for this?
    Yes, the ground can be very cold in winter. The air space between the bottom of the KatKabin and the ground helps to insulate and maintain the temperature inside. In addition, The KatKabin has a special polystyrene floor that adds extra insulation, keeping the cat warm in the coldest weather.

    The KatKabin looks very good but why is it round?
    The round shape helps the air circulate inside. Warm air is not trapped at the top as in other shapes but circulates around. The other reason is that, because of its aero-dynamic shape, any wind moves around and past the KatKabin, rather than buffeting it.

    Friday, July 24, 2009

    Celltei Classic Pak-o-Pet Pet Carrier

    Pet carriers coming in all different designs, colors and sizes. Here is a classic pak-o-pet from Celltei.

    Celltei Classic Pak-o-Pet Pet Carrier

    Material/Color: Black or Leopard Print Microfiber with Faux leather strap and trims


    • Long handles

    • Shoulder strap

    • Waterproof floor tray set

    • Detachable cellphone pouch

    • Car seat loop

    • Two side panels

    • Inside security leash

    • Climate control compartment (interior)

    • Water bottle with dispensing tube holder (interior)

    • One zipper side pocket and one secured by velco

    • Small front pocket secured by velcro

    • Large exterior back pocket

    • Back pocket flap for securing seat belt (optional car luggage strap for strap the carrier on a car seat if needed)