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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Super Sandcastle Cat Lounger

Have a couple of cats and need a cool trendy place for them to hang around in, well check this piece of cat furniture out!

Super Sandcastle Cat Lounger

Perfect for a multi-cat household, your cats lives will be a real day at the beach with our huge Super Sandcastle Cat Lounger!

18" deep x 60" wide x 36" tall

Individual sandcastles have these measurements:

  • Little sandcastles are 15" deep x 16" wide x 15" tall and there is one on each side.
  • The big center sandcastle is 16" deep x 28" wide x 24" tall.

    There are two shelves inside the big castle going from front to back, and the posts including the seats are approx 22".

    Includes a free hanging kitty toy!

    Comes in 2 tone beige only.

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